Black Granite Grave Markers 24 inch by 24 inch $700 ea
Granite Tomb Stones
Examples and Sample stones
24 inch by 36 inch granite grave markers $1100
Granite markers 12 inch by 24 inch $500
Stone Carving
18 x 24

Island Engraving produces high quality Granite Memorial stones in American Samoa. If you have a small budget or large we can provide the stone you need with a personal island touch that is hard to find anywhere else. We will do what ever it takes to make sure you get the Memorial your loved one deserves.


By standard mail:
Island Engraving
PO Box 6668
Pago Pago American Samoa 96799

Phone:(684) 258-4444 or (684) 699-5534
(between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. midway island Samoa)
Shipping Information:

24" x 24" black granite markers can be produced in two to four weeks for local pick up. Larger monuments can take thirty to ninety days for local pick up. We can ship to Western Samoa within one week after monument has been produced. Shipping is charged at cost to Western Samoa.

Terms: 50% down payment to be made with initial order. Balance is due upon completion of Memorial.

Refund policy: If order is cancelled within seven days of initial order 75% of initial deposit will be returned. 25% is non refundable and is to cover costs of initial design work for stone.

After 7 days initial deposit is non refundable and is surrendered to island engraving.

All design work is pre approved by customer before engraving stone. Customer is responsible to make sure information for engraving is correct before engraving of stone is approved. Island Engraving will not be held liable for customer errors in text for memorials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any additional fees when purchasing a stone? The price for each stone includes all charges with the stones production. If stone is not going to be picked up locally additional shipping charges will be added at cost.

What is the best photo to use for the stone? The larger and clearer the photo the better it will appear on the stone. Color or black and white is fine but they will all be converted to black and white for engraving.

Can you engrave in color? At this time Island Engraving does not put color photos on the stones. The main reason is that we actually laser engrave the photos into the stone. It is not a separate image attached to the stone but actually a part of it. By doing this the images will last for 100 years +.

How long will the engraving last? Our images are not painted on the stone but either laser engraved or etched into the stone. By doing this our engravings will last for a long time. With the laser engraving the only thing that will take it off the stone is rubbing it with something sharp such as a tool or sandpaper along with the acid in the rain. Lab studies have shown that the acid in rainwater will eventually remove the image after 300 years. The sandblasting process used with the larger stones will last for as long or longer as the laser engraving.

Can I get the wording in Samoan? Yes we can do wording in Samoan, Tongan or any other language that uses the English alphabet.

How can I pay for my order? You can pay locally in cash or check. Online payment options are also available for orders from off island.

Do you mount the stones? With the 24 x 24 x tiles we usually do not do the mounting. We can provide some one but we find that most families have some one who can do the concrete and tile work at a lower cost than we can. On the larger stones we can mount them on the grave but additional charges will apply. We find that most families have a vehicle available that can handle the weight of the stones and they mount them on the grave. We can provide transport and mounting but there will be additional charges that will be billed at cost.

How long does it take after I place my order until the stone is finished? With the 24 black granite markers they can generally be completed within two weeks depending on pending orders. The larger stones can take from 30 to 90 days depending on pending orders. Rush orders can be accepted if needed. Please let us know how long until you need your memorial. We like to complete the monuments 30 days before they are actually needed in case any unforeseen problems arise.